Jeff Rosenstock Signs To SideOneDummy And Releases “Hey Allison!”



Jeff Rosenstock has signed to SideOneDummy Records in anticipation of a new album next year. Stream “Hey Allison!” here via Noisey or below.

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This riiiiiips


Everything is meaningless so don’t even fucking try you idiots.

Chris is getting nihilistic. Stay tuned

rozwellkid everybody

rozwellkid everybody

People Like You Announce Weekend Tour



People Like You will be playing a handful of dates later this month. Check out the flyer below!


We’re going on a little weekend tour next week! Come hang out!

3/4 of us are gonna be playing shows as People Like You next week. Come hang out!


Trashlord - One

First Pressing | Broken World Media | BWM058 | Clear Purple | 50

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Nick put out an EP with his other band, Strange Mangers, and it rips like a motherfucker. Get it.

Trashlord - One (Seattle, Washington)



Who It Is: Trashlord – One; Broken World Media (2014)

What It Sounds Like: LVL UP, Pity Sex, Ovlov


Trashlord seeks to explore all the darker aspects of the human experience in a big, fuzzed out dream world. Over the course of one EP Trashlord takes us through their favorite haunts: collections of rooms of a house and compares them to swamps and garbage to exemplify hyper-loneliness. 

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Sickest review of the trashlord EP!

kewlbeeanz said: Can u please please pleeeeaasseeee repress your s/t album on vinyl pleeeeeaassssseeeeeeee??? :3

that’s not up to us, Broken World Media pressed our self titled. and it took like a year for that to sell out so it’s probably not in Derrick’s best interest to press it again, sorry!

I just want to talk to you