Anonymous asked: hi! when's the next ikg tutorial? cant it pllleaasssee be collector???

i’m not sure that we planned on doing any others. collector is really just power chords let’s be honest

Aviator Joins the Family




We are pleased to welcome MA’s own Aviator to the No Sleep family. Look for their new LP later this year.


Make sure you follow the guys on their socials to stay updated on all things Aviator. InstagramTwitter / Tumblr / Facebook

Check out one of their music via their Bandcamp here.

Official Press Release

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Best news ever. Glad to see these guys getting the attention they deserve.

Aw shucks, ain’t I just the proudest of uncles right now.

Holy fuck. Our dudes. So proud!


Hey, check out I Kill Giants playing “Part 1 / Part 2” and “Pigskins”! From their farewell show at the Democracy Center.

Another video was released today! Donate money and maybe we’ll play shows again.

Hey, this is Chris Lee giving a plug for Dylan because his video game music is awesome and if this becomes viral and comes across to someone making a game and is in need of music, you’re welcome.

Anonymous asked: i kill giants


touring with them was one of the best experiences of my life thus far

we <3 raph

Here’s the second video up from our last show, courtesy of Rat Cave Productions. This was the first song in our set, “Just Because It’s A Joke Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Racist.” You can also download the entire show here for only $1! Thanks again to RCP for filming the whole thing. We hope you like all the hard work they put into it!

Anonymous asked: Soooooo what's up with that I Kill giants footage ?????


i have 0 i kill giants footage. i have never had any i kill giants footage. i have no idea what you are talking about.

we just send everyone to you with all of our problems, sorry pal


But yeah if I Kill Giants doesn’t get back together soon I might die.

Same dude

Anonymous asked: "machine gun is chasing slugs away." what is that a reference to? i have an idea but i dont want to sound dumb and ive always been curious

Machine Gun and Slugs are both names of cats that lived at a house in Allston called the Butcher Shoppe


Why haven’t we posted this to tumblr yet? Because were stupid, that’s why. Shouts outs to @ikillgiantsma

Rat Cave fo’ lyfee