Hey, this is Chris Lee giving a plug for Dylan because his video game music is awesome and if this becomes viral and comes across to someone making a game and is in need of music, you’re welcome.

Anonymous asked: i kill giants


touring with them was one of the best experiences of my life thus far

we <3 raph

Here’s the second video up from our last show, courtesy of Rat Cave Productions. This was the first song in our set, “Just Because It’s A Joke Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Racist.” You can also download the entire show here for only $1! Thanks again to RCP for filming the whole thing. We hope you like all the hard work they put into it!

Anonymous asked: Soooooo what's up with that I Kill giants footage ?????


i have 0 i kill giants footage. i have never had any i kill giants footage. i have no idea what you are talking about.

we just send everyone to you with all of our problems, sorry pal


But yeah if I Kill Giants doesn’t get back together soon I might die.

Same dude

Anonymous asked: "machine gun is chasing slugs away." what is that a reference to? i have an idea but i dont want to sound dumb and ive always been curious

Machine Gun and Slugs are both names of cats that lived at a house in Allston called the Butcher Shoppe


Why haven’t we posted this to tumblr yet? Because were stupid, that’s why. Shouts outs to @ikillgiantsma

Rat Cave fo’ lyfee

Anonymous asked: are you working on anything new

I am working on a full length record under the name Logfella, I also write music for video games. It’s all on my soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/Dylan-hanwright

Anonymous asked: Any possibilities of new merch? Vinyl, shirts, anything?

Vinyl for our latest EP is happening. Other than that probably not

Anonymous asked: holy shit that video is embarrassingly bad. hopefully you didnt spend money on that.

Jeez dad get off my back